Plan your adventure – Gap Year

Summer holidays are fast approaching, and many students will be looking forward to the end of exams and the start of new adventures. A gap year is a fantastic way to build resilience, boost your confidence and sharpen your focus for your next steps in the big wide world.

Fare Wise Travel can plan your trip to make sure that you travel safely, smartly and see the best of the places you want to go. You can book as much or as little of your trip as you like with flexible tickets that encourage you to follow your interests once you get there. Just don’t miss out by not booking some of your activities in advance, like trekking in Nepal!

University student Millie Laker took a year out travelling through India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, here are some of her top pick locations:


Take a camel safari and camp overnight in the desert. Breathe in the bustle on city walks, celebrate Holi and get up at dawn to watch the sunrise over the Taj Mahal.

Millie’s Tip: Don’t give money to the beggars, buy them food or water instead and keep some emergency money aside.


Stunning mountains and breath-taking lakes. Stay in Kathmandu and see the sights by foot on a 4-day trek to Bandipur. Nepal may well have the friendliest people in the world!

Millie’s Tip: The key to travelling is packing light, pack cubes were a life-saver and don’t forget an extension lead, incase you need to charge multiple devices from one room.


Visit the stunning temples of Angkor, Angko Wat and Bayon. Learn about the history of the killing fields. Take a break and relax on golden beaches, dine like a king with a BBQ plate and drink from £5.

Millie’s Tip: Don’t be put off from visiting the islands as they have basic sewerage systems. Just be savvy and make sure you’re drinking bottled water, plus be picky about where you choose to eat. BBQ is great as you can watch it being cooked!

The limit to your travels is simply your imagination (and budget!) as Fare Wise Travel can accommodate a wide range of packages, just be cautious of volunteering opportunities in schools and orphanages due to poor conditions and corruption in some countries.

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