Honeymoon? You need a honeypot!

Over the last century newlyweds have been evolving, much rarer is the trepidation of a blushing bride about to leave her family home for the first time.

Thoroughly modern weddings, such as the eagerly anticipated union between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry often involve a couple who are much more familiar with each other and with life, than their ancestral counterparts. Some are newly-wed and others are second-time lucky, but the thing that they all have in common is that material things are often already in situe, the toaster is on the worktop and the clock is on the wall.

One thing that every couple can appreciate is the lifelong joy that comes from creating memories on their honeymoon and it is now easier than ever for guests to feel involved in this special gift.

Fare Wise Travel offer a bespoke service for couples, offering drop-in or phone payment options for guests to make contributions to every budget or purchase an extra-special experience for the happy couple such as a safari in Africa or candle-lit dinner in the Maldives.

What’s more, the company will organise the perfect honeymoon experience for you, taking care of everything from parking to visas so that you can concentrate on your special day and look forward to a relaxing honeymoon, that has been planned to perfection.

Book an appointment with Fare Wise Travel’s friendly and established team today and start planning your dream honeymoon.