Your business, new horizons in 2019

The biggest threat to any business is inertia, if you’re not moving forward then you’re at risk of slipping back and in today’s competitive markets that just isn’t an option.

Sometimes your business needs an injection of creative energy and taking your team away, in the UK or abroad can be just the thing that makes the difference.

Fare Wise Travel specialise in coordinating your business trips, from translators to T-shirts and Visa’s, to ensure you can get on with the business and they’ll take care of the admin!

Team breaks

A change of scenery may be all that’s required to think out of the box and bring forward the innovation that is going to take 2018 to the next level.

Short European breaks, such as Prague or Majorca can limit the downtime for your business and provide economical options for every business budget.

If your chasing a big contract then perhaps a bonus trip is more in order? Incentivise your team with the trip of a lifetime: Viva Las Vegas and beyond, Fare Wise can build a package that your team will want to work their butts off to achieve!

Business flights

Are you looking for a travel provider that can really take care of your company’s travel? Fare Wise Travel have decades of experience in providing stress-free business trips to anywhere in the world. They can coordinate everything from your parking, flights and visa, so get in touch to discuss your business needs.

Work for yourself?

Fare Wise Travel can find you the perfect retreat for a working holiday. If all you need is a weekend away in a beautiful quiet location to work on your next project, Fare Wise can book it for you.

To discuss your business requirements, simply pop in store or contact Fare Wise Travel directly on 01488 686858. Their dedicated team will be delighted to help.