What, No Snow?!

Experience the difference with Fare Wise Travel.

At a time of year when skiers are planning their annual jaunt to the slopes, comes the news that there is not much of the white stuff to be had. Traditional resorts are reporting very poor snowfall and the ski-ing community is feeling gloomy.

But fear not. There are plenty of optionswhales watching farewise for those prepared to think outside the box. What about Iceland, Norway, Sweden or even Japan? If you’re prepared to go off piste, as it were, the lesser known destinations offer un-crowded slopes and some incredible experiences. Iceland, for example, will provide you not just with great snow but whale-watching, the Northern Lights and the chance to bathe those tired, skied-out limbs in hot springs heated by geothermal activity. Sounds good, doesn’t it? For more information call Farewise travel on 01488 686858