Barbados is for everyone, even for turtles!

Barbados has everything you could want from a Caribbean holiday, from the rugged scenery and tropical forests of the East Coast to the high life and exclusivity of the West Coast with it’s warm and gentle beaches.

On the West coast, the calm beaches become the nursery for Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles. At night they appear from the surf and clamber slowly up to the beach to lay their many hundred eggs. Visitors can enjoy front row seats to this beautiful performance in some West Coast restaurants during the season as well as many local cruises with whom you can swim with these beautiful creatures during the day.

The East Coast of the Island is an absolute must for any trip to Barbados, to experience a rugged and pristine ecosystem. Head North and you will find yourself at ‘The Animal Flower Caves “based at North Point. Here the ocean has eaten away the Coral cliffs forming magical caves where anemones or ‘Animal Flowers’ in the plain-speaking Bajan patois, thrive in rock pools.

Celebrities tend to be laid back on the island and if you are dining at Cin Cin or the 5* Cliff, or its much more laid-back cousin ‘The Cliff Beach Club’, then you are likely to rub shoulders with someone famous, be they singer, actor or sportsman.

Before you leave you must go inland at night to Cherry Tree Hill where the skies are dark, and you’ll be treated to the most spectacular constellations, with a moonlight panorama of the East Coast breakers.

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