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South East Asia has become massively popular with Europeans due to the diversity and the hospitable people, cultures, beautiful beaches, temples and exotic foods and of course not to mention the fantastic weather!

The South East Asian mainland consists of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Malay peninsula while the maritime area consists of Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore and a mass of tiny islands.

A bespoke package just for you

Fare Wise Travel organise unique holiday packages that include various forms of transport, fascinating tour guides and staying in a variety of different accommodation that take in most countries and many of the islands listed.

Fare Wise Travel can offer new experiences to enhance your holidays – why not get creative and try your hand at the art of Batik in Malaysia, learn to cook in Chiang Mai on a triple centre holiday to Thailand or enjoy a 2 night stay at the Rose Garden Retreat unwind with a Thai massage and a herbal workshop learning about essential oils and the herbs picked straight from the gardens – sail to Wat Rai Khing on a rice barge and take a botanical walk through the grounds – make a flower garland – see the lakes and elephant enclosures. Cycle around Phuket – stay overnight on Halong Ginger in Halong Bay – go island hopping in Langkawi – climb Mount Kinabalu – take a night safari in the jungle from Singapore.

Of course Asia is a huge continent that also includes China, Mongolia, India, Japan and the Russian far East to name a few. Why not challenge Fare Wise Travel to find you a unique holiday package that will open your eyes to possibilities available from this continent of experiences.

Asia is an experience not to be missed and Fare Wise Travel have the personal knowledge from many years of travelling throughout Asia to advise on the best combination of excitement and luxury.

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